Boise river overflow on parts of greenbelt

My husband and our two kids on  this super hot day decided to take to the greenbelt, with caution in mind due to the high flowing river. The Boise river has been running high since the beginning of spring , the rain, the snow melt ect. So in a sick way I was interested what it looked like since we really don’t live to far from the river, and love walking on the greenbelt. I had heard thru the grapevine that some houses blocks away have flooded. down below are some pics I took along the walk. I couldn’t get to the houses that were flooded at the last of our walk, I took my husbands word for it…. and all in all thought it would be rude to take pics of their flooded homes. I would be flooded with lots of emotions ,if that was me- no pun intended. Anyways if you live in the Boise area or by any river always be careful, and if you pass signs that say ‘Path closed due to flood” it is at your own risk, and money if they have to rescue you. So  since are walk was short we headed home and enjoyed the safety of our kiddie pool in the front yard , just blocks away from the raging full river.

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The first picture is taken under veteran parkway memorial bridge. and as you can see it is blocked off by chain link fences. The other 3 pics are taken in the opposite direction at the end of the Willow Lane Sports Complex, And then of course the nice safe kiddie pool! Don’t ask why my son has a helmet on in the pool LOL! Safety first. Anyways would like comments or ideas on your summer fun so far …..


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